Our Mission

  • Offer a wide range of fuel additives online
  • Offer our customers savings by improving the quality of their fuel
  • Offer our customer a wide range of fuel additives for petrol or diesel cleaners to octane boosters
  • Offer a fair and responsive customer service
  • Offer a quick convenient delivery service

The Company:

Fuel Additive Shop was created after market research carried out found the lack of online fuel additive retailers. Offering fair and impartial advice on the best way to solve a problem with the interests of the customer been put first. We are also trying to help customer maintain their cars as the improve fuel quality the longer engine components will last so cheaper in the short term might means more expensive in the future.

Our Location

Based in the Midlands gives us good access to all parts of the UK but importantly gives you good access if you cannot wait for your order to be delivered as you are more than welcome to collect them

The Team:

The team are currently camera shy and busy trying to think of something impressive to write next to their name. Once the camera has caught up with them, their photo and bio will be here.