Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus

  • Reduces deposit and varnish build-up
  • Slowly disperses existing sludge
  • Improves storage stability
  • Prevents microbiological growth
  • Proven on biodiesel

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Product Name Qty
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-50ml 10
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-200ml 8
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-500ml 9
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-1 Litre 9
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-5 Litres 7
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-25 Litres 10
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-200 litres 10
Fast Exocet Fuel Store Plus-1000 litres 10

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Exocet Fuel Store Plus has been specially formulated to protect fuels and fuel systems where fuel is stored for long periods of time and/or the associated equipment is used only infrequently. The product acts to delay the symptoms of fuel ageing and additionally has anti-corrosion and biocidal properties.


Exocet Fuel Store Plus is intended for use in bulk storage, but can also be added to the vehicle/ machinery tank Exocet Fuel Store Plus (XO1270FS) 1 litre treats 4,000 litres of fuel Aged fuel often discolours, forms gums and other deposits and results in a deterioration in the ignition quality. Fuel ageing is irreversible and is accelerated by the addition of bio-components to the extent that latest specification fuels may only have a shelf life of 6-8 months.


  • Contains a high dose of antioxidant (anti-ageing) component
  • Delays discolouration, gum/solids formation Maintains the fuel’s ignition quality
  • Extends shelf life of B7 fuels to >12 months
  • Contains a fuel soluble biocide at a maintenance dose
  • Reduces the potential for microbial growth during downtime Has corrosion inhibition properties
  • Reduces the potential for filter plugging Proven on 100% FAME
Dosage Table
Dosage Table
Dosage Table
Container Size Fuel Treated (litres)
50ml 200
200ml 800
500ml 2,000
1 litre 4,000
5 litres 20,000
25 litres 100,000
200 litres 800,000
1,000 litres 4,000,000
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