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exocet® Eco-Spill Fluid - Fuel Cleaner

exocet® Eco-Spill Fluid - Fuel Cleaner

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exocet® Eco-Spill Fluid is an environmentally friendly degreaser/cleaner for dry spills (e.g. staining and grease build-up). It will also penetrate soil to a depth of 30cm. Diluted, it has multiple additional applications. The product contains oil-eating bacteria.






‘Clean up’ and ‘keep clean’ are at the root of the majority of our multifunctional packages for both open flame and internal combustion system enhancement. But ‘cleaning’ encompasses much more and exocet® problem solving products used in conjunction with our fuel preservation and tank cleaning products an all round fuel ‘polishing’ effect can be achieved.
exocet® fuel additive products used for maintenance are diverse, ranging for the one off rapid injector cleaning additives to fuel soluble biocides as well as tank cleaning and associated products.


The Eco-Spill Fluid can be used for fuel and oil staining on dry surfaces
It can also be used when soil is contaminated with fuel/oil
Eco-Spill Fluid is great for when surface degreasing is required


exocet® Eco-Spill Fluid is applied via spray, brush or cloth depending on the application. It can be used on:

Staining of concrete and other hard surfaces
Contaminated soil
Grease build-up around machinery
Road film build-up on vehicles and engines
Greasy floors and kitchen equipment
Grimy windows
See separate dilution sheet and applications guide.

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Managing fuel quality

FAST exocet® fuel additives are concentrated, technically-driven products formulated to provide best in class performance for any application. We can deliver our fuel additives in various container sizes ranging from 50ml bottles to 1,000 litre IBCs and even in bulk if required.

Our commercial customers have found that using exocet® fuel additives to upgrade fuel quality and/or by enhancing equipment performance has resolved many actual and potential problems and as a result has substantially enhanced their business in all respects.

  • Commercial

    Our commercial customers use FAST’s unique fuel additives to market premium fuels and to reduce field problems associated with ever-changing base fuel.

  • Automotive

    Our automotive range of fuel additives and independent fuel analysis is available on a retail basis to individuals wishing to protect and enhance the performance of their engines and vehicles.