Aurora Labs manufactures gas turbine engine with 3D metal printed parts

Aurora Labs manufactures gas turbine engine with 3D metal printed parts

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It's time again for our weekly news round-up, a chance for you to sit back with a cuppa and catch up on the latest goings-on within the industry. This week, we're shifting gears a bit to focus on an exciting development in the realm of propulsion technology, courtesy of Aurora Labs.

Their newest advent is a 200N Class gas turbine engine made with 3D metal printed parts – a significant leap forward in propulsion technology that can be used for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and instant power generation systems. With an ability to transform natural gas or liquid fuels into mechanical energy efficiently, this compact yet powerful micro gas turbine engine can change the game in the transportation, aerospace, and defence industries.

Imagine, if you will, an engine integrated into a UAV providing powerful thrust, or a rapid power generation system that simply fits within your hand. With 3D metal-printing technology, the manufacturing process stands ahead, delivering compactness without compromising performance.

One stand-out feature is that this engine can operate on various fuel types, including Jet-A1, kerosene, and diesel fuels. This flexibility allows it to cater to a broad range of operational environments where specific fuel types might be limited, thereby serving the twin purpose of being highly adaptable and efficient.

What grabbed our attention, particularly, is the mention of kerosene usage. With the chilly winter just around the corner, there's been an increasing concern about heating costs, and rightfully so. In times of a cost of living crisis, it's always essential to look for economical yet efficient alternatives, and this new-found usage of kerosene helps us do just that.

Using additives with kerosene can help increase the heat output and reduce the amount of fuel used, making it a reliable heating solution in these cold months. This is where we, at Fuel Additive Shop, can provide you with the right additives to enhance the performance of your heating fuel.

Aurora Labs is set to release their turbine engine into the market next month. While they continue to innovate with their 400N Class model, we'll remain committed to delivering you quality additives that can help you use their engines and technologies more efficiently.

Exciting times ahead, don't you agree?

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