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Fuel Additive shop is a website completely dedicated all things fuel additive whether it be for Domestic, Agriculture, Industrial, Marine or Automotive purpose, we have you covered. We supply our fuel additives in varies sizes, so if it just a one time use for a road car or you need additive for an oil rig we have you covered. We try to provide all the information you should require to make an informed choice but if there something particular you need to know please do not hesitate to contact us.


The UK and Ireland are almost unique in the world in using kerosene as a heating fuel, especially in domestic applications. Historically, this was a very clean fuel, readily available from the UK’s refineries and manufactured to a high specification relative to the standard. This made it an ideal fuel not only for home heating boilers but also for the extremely fuel-sensitive vaporising burners favoured in AGA range cookers, to find out further information.


Interest in our marine capabilities continues to grow in the UK and overseas. Changes to fuel quality across the whole range of marine fuel whether it be for a canal boat or a deep sea container ship continue to have an impact. And the type of fuel specified varies greatly in terms of standards and specifications and on continental Europe, for example, may contain significant quantities of biofuel component, to find out further information.


Plant engineers of industrial operations are always under pressure to maximise plant availability reduce maintenance costs, optimise fuel use and generally contribute to the sustainability of the operation.Boilers, furnaces, steam generators, heat and power generators, etc are all susceptible to changes in fuel quality and the efforts of fuel suppliers to blend ‘new’ and ‘exotic’ fuels within national fuel standards. to find out further information.


Gone are the days when tractors and other agricultural machinery could burn just about anything in their engines and the traditional red diesel (gas oil) was used at will and without much thought to its supply or storage. With the advent of strict emissions requirements worldwide, radical changes to vehicle design have become paramount, to find out further information.


Fuel additives for on-road vehicles are nothing new. The history is well documented and perhaps the best known is the lead-based anti-knock additive used as an octane booster and valve seat recession additive for forty or so years after the second world war (it had its origins in the 100 octane fuel required for supercharged combat aircraft), to find out further information.