Why Do I Need Anti-Wax Fuel Additives?

Why Do I Need Anti-Wax Fuel Additives?

Why Do We Get Wax In Our Tank?

Often, diesel tanks can get blocked up with wax crystals and gels. Paraffin wax is a naturally occurring substance in no. 2 diesel, which under normal conditions will remain liquid, and is harmless. However, when the temperature falls and the diesel becomes too cold it causes the wax to crystallise. This can cause your engine’s fuel line and fuel filters to become blocked up.

Why Is This Bad?

The wax is normally great for improving viscosity and lubrication, however when the wax solidifies, it can block diesel filters and prevent the flow of fuel. This causes engines to break down. 

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What Can We Do To Prevent/Stop It?

Our Anti-Wax additive is formulated to improve the cold flow and handling properties of diesel and gas oil. This product boosts the fuel’s resistance to waxing by inhibiting the formation of wax crystals and working with maximum allowable FAME contents. This additive allows the fuel to operate at colder temperatures than its specification, reducing the potential for filter plugging.

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