Why Do I Need Diesel Defender?

Why Do I Need Diesel Defender?

Unfortunately, red diesel is responsible for up to 14 million tonnes of CO2 released every year, and the construction & infrastructure industries alone are responsible for almost 10% of emissions. In order to solve this, the use of red diesel has been banned and has become a criminal offence. 

Of course this has taken a toll on the industries who rely on red diesel, yet FAST Exocet propose a solution!

What Is Diesel Defender?

Billions of litres of already purchased fuel is stored all over the UK at numerous commercial sites. This fuel has a value of millions of pounds and is therefore extremely vulnerable to theft. It can be stolen from outside the organisation or more shockingly and more commonly, from within the organisation. 

Diesel Defender is our latest product, a liquid blue dye to colour white diesel green, acting as a deterrent to thieves. This dye will personalise and make the fuel distinct to identify, acting the same as red diesel without the extreme emissions.

Diesel Defender’s typical applications are white diesel for use in construction equipment, cooling or heating units in road and rail transport, airport vehicles, forklift trucks, electricity generation and heating for commercial premises to deter theft of fuel and prevent significant financial loss of operational investment.

What Are The Features And Benefits Of Diesel Defender?

Diesel Defender is notified with HMRC and does not cause any changes to the fuel other than colour. The product does not cause issues with statutory markers and has a unique chromatic profile which is distinct from statutory markers and does not impede their measurement. 

Although visually similar to the Republic of Ireland tax rebated fuel, the roadside (Euromarker) test can be used readily to confirm that it is not ROI tax rebated fuel. Additionally, Diesel Defender will not give false positive results on any roadside tests used in the determination of statutory markers applied to tax rebated fuels in the UK.

Exocet® Diesel Defender has been demonstrated to comply with Regulation 14(3) of the Hydrocarbon Oil (marking) Regulations 2002 and is permitted for use in non-rebated UK DERV.

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