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exocet® Diesel Defender Anti Theft Additive

exocet® Diesel Defender Anti Theft Additive

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exocet® Diesel Defender is a liquid anti-theft marker dye for UK non-rebated fuel, typically known as white diesel, roaddiesel or DERV.




Fuel economy in any system and in any equipment is largely achieved by maintaining that equipment at ‘factory settings’ or at its design parameters. Fuel additives that slow down or even stop the rate at which equipment ‘gets dirty’ or ‘fouls up’; all aid fuel economy. This may also be achieved by proper maintenance of the fuel in storage or by affecting its behaviour within the equipment.


To demonstrate importance of operational investment on site
To demonstrate that fuel use is being closely monitored and can be traced
If there is a fear or suspicion of theft by external persons or internal staff
With each fuel delivery


Typical applications are white diesel for use in construction equipment, cooling or heating units in road and rail transport, airport vehicles, forklift trucks, electricity generation and heating for commercial premises to deter theft of fuel and prevent significant financial loss of operational investment.

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Managing fuel quality

FAST exocet® fuel additives are concentrated, technically-driven products formulated to provide best in class performance for any application. We can deliver our fuel additives in various container sizes ranging from 50ml bottles to 1,000 litre IBCs and even in bulk if required.

Our commercial customers have found that using exocet® fuel additives to upgrade fuel quality and/or by enhancing equipment performance has resolved many actual and potential problems and as a result has substantially enhanced their business in all respects.

  • Commercial

    Our commercial customers use FAST’s unique fuel additives to market premium fuels and to reduce field problems associated with ever-changing base fuel.

  • Automotive

    Our automotive range of fuel additives and independent fuel analysis is available on a retail basis to individuals wishing to protect and enhance the performance of their engines and vehicles.