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exocet® Gas Oil Supreme

exocet® Gas Oil Supreme

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exocet® Gas  Oil  Supreme  is  an  advanced  fuel  additive  designed  to  benefit  both  mineral  diesel  and  biodiesel  blends.  It  is  a  gas  oil  (BS2869:A2)  upgrade  product  formulated  to  allow  modern  diesel  engines  calibrated  on  EN590  DERV  to  run  on  red  diesel.  It  prevents  deposit  formation  throughout  the  fuel  delivery  system,  especially  in  the  injectors  and  fuel  pump,  to  keep  the  system  clean  and  running  at  optimum  performance.  It  also  compensates  for  some  of  the  deleterious  effects  of  a  higher  FAME  content  e.g.  tendency for  water  pick-up. The product will additionally enhance the performance of older vehicles.


Treatment Ratio


Treatment Ratio


‘Clean up’ and ‘keep clean’ are at the root of the majority of our multifunctional packages for both open flame and internal combustion system enhancement. But ‘cleaning’ encompasses much more and exocet® problem solving products used in conjunction with our fuel preservation and tank cleaning products an all round fuel ‘polishing’ effect can be achieved.
Fuel economy in any system and in any equipment is largely achieved by maintaining that equipment at ‘factory settings’ or at its design parameters. Fuel additives that slow down or even stop the rate at which equipment ‘gets dirty’ or ‘fouls up’; all aid fuel economy. This may also be achieved by proper maintenance of the fuel in storage or by affecting its behaviour within the equipment.
‘Performance’, when attached to fuel, often conjures images of ‘faster’, ‘more powerful’ or ‘more economical’ and all of these can be achieved with the appropriate fuel additives. Fuel additives can also impact on fuel in storage, the handling properties of fuel and on the harmful effects the fuel itself can have on components within the fuel system both before and after the combustion process.


Gas Oil Supreme should be used when:

A vehicle lacks power, misfires or ‘runs rough’
An engine manufacturer recommends the use of a fuel additive
Excessive smoke is observed
The FAME content of the fuel is known to have increased
Fuel is being used in a tier III or later vehicle (typically post 2005)


exocet®’s Gas Oil Supreme fuel additive will counter any negative effects resulting from the introduction of the latest gas oil specifications, notably the reduction in sulphur content and the increase in the allowable FAME (biodiesel) content and will avoid increases in fuel consumption due to sticking injectors and wear. Typical applications are agricultural and horticultural machinery, construction equipment, airport vehicles and fork lift trucks. The product is formulated from recognised fuel additive components and should not void an engine manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, many engine manufacturers now recommend the use of upgrade additives when red/green diesel is used.

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Managing fuel quality

FAST exocet® fuel additives are concentrated, technically-driven products formulated to provide best in class performance for any application. We can deliver our fuel additives in various container sizes ranging from 50ml bottles to 1,000 litre IBCs and even in bulk if required.

Our commercial customers have found that using exocet® fuel additives to upgrade fuel quality and/or by enhancing equipment performance has resolved many actual and potential problems and as a result has substantially enhanced their business in all respects.

  • Commercial

    Our commercial customers use FAST’s unique fuel additives to market premium fuels and to reduce field problems associated with ever-changing base fuel.

  • Automotive

    Our automotive range of fuel additives and independent fuel analysis is available on a retail basis to individuals wishing to protect and enhance the performance of their engines and vehicles.